LED Phototherapy

  • LED Phototherapy- Delivers customise skin treatments using combinations of clinically proven blue, Red or combination wavelengths to boost collagen and elastin production reduces redness irritation and blitz blemish causing bacteria. For a more youthful ,healthy radiant complexion.


    * Increases collagen and elastin synthesis
    * Reduces fine lines
    * Improves skin tone and texture
    * Increases natural hydration


    * Powerful anti-bacterial action
    * Treats all grade acne
    * Helps regulate sebum production
    * Calming effect for problem skin

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    This treatment works as a stand alone service or can be combined with other technologies

    * Facials
    * Caci
    * Radio-frequency
    * Skin Peels
    * Microdermabrasion
    * Hyaluronic Mask

    The use of technology and realistic expectations we can preform bespoke unique treatments for every individual.

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