Fake Bake – Sun Kissed Skin

  • Fake bake spray tanning airbrush system, creating nothing but natural sun kissed skin, used on
    celebrities world wide including Jennifer Aniston,
    Britney Spears & Nicole Scherzinger.

    Let our professional fake bake consultants
    help you to choose your perfect tan.

    Original – Skin Tones: Fair/Medium

    Leaving you with natural looking results

    Development Time
    JR Beauty Price

    Darker – Skin Tones: Medium/Dark

    For a darker colour results

    Development Time
    JR Beauty Price

    60 Minutes – Skin Tones: Light/Medium/Dark

    Tanning agents are activated upon contact with the skin while the specialist accelerators are triggered following water contact, which further enhance the development process.

    Colour guide can be
    washed off after only
    JR Beauty Price

    Gold – Skin Tones: Light/Medium/Dark

    With added antioxidants

    Development Time
    JR Beauty Price

    Professional Fake Bake Tan

    We also offer professional Fake Bake Tan, applied by hand using a professional mitt for a perfectly even tan…

    Choose from…

    • Flawless
    • Darker
    • 60 Minutes

    Professional Fake Bake

    Body Scrub & Tan

    Include a professional body scrub with your Fake Bake tan, for silky smooth skin great for special occasions or pre holiday

    Body Scrub & Tan
  • Fake Bake

    Get the most from your tan

    Following these top tips!

    • Exfoliate thoroughly before hand, Smooth skin will take the tan more evenly.

    • Moisturise in the days running up to the tan, moisturised skin prevents dry areas grabbing the tan and looking patchy.

    • Wear very Loose clothes to the appointment, so that the guide colour will not be rubbed off by your clothes.

    • Do not wear deodorant, makeup or perfume to your tan appointment, these can react with the tanning product.

    • After your spray tan keep hands dry, this means no washing up until your tan is developed as we do not want to wash our tan off before it as developed.

    • Air dry after a shower, do not rub with a towel.

    • Apply fake bake misting oil over the tan every day to keep skin hydrated & moisturised.

    Fake Bake before & aftercare products
    available to buy in salon